Beauty & Art -

Beauty is the foundation of my design. Beauty gives not only to the client, but all who pass. Beauty gives reverence to the materials and asks them to shine. Beauty brings a sense of balance and harmony and yet will excite and engage.

My aesthetic is ever evolving, due to my own artistic evolution and the hopes and dreams of the clients before me. My inspiration is to design and create unique structures for people to flourish in, promoting art and architecture in partnership.


Commitment & Practicality -

Commitment to a new approach to living, one with the conscious decision of limiting our desire to have more is inherent in my designs. We can artfully choose what we need, what we love and what we wish to enjoy.

Practicality serves as a function for us to participate within the structure, and for the structure to assist us. Assisting the flow of people through space, and the function of a space, along with the accessibility and storage of belongings without inhibiting the design is essential.


Living Architecture -

A building, which breathes is a joy to live in. The materials used should not constrict the form but be components of the whole. This natural marriage of design and materials is achieved through good ventilation, natural materials and breathable finishes. Natural light and thresholds to the outdoors are essential for quality of living architecture, for they connect us to our surroundings whether through air, sun light or the darkness. A living building will relate to the changes around us, so that we, the inhabitants and the structure, may be equal participants.


Attention & Understanding -

Great importance is placed on listening to the clients, gaining a through understanding and picture of their life, how they associate with the world and wish to relate within their home. This is paramount and a cornerstone of the artistic process. Each building and creation is truly custom made and created with the client’s desire to thrive and live well at the center of the endeavor. This as a basis gives the project its heart and motivation.


Health -

Health is vital for everyone. That is why we stress a high level of non-toxic and natural materials, not only for the client but for the craftsmen during the building process.

Design Thinking
Erlend Neumann Design Build
Erlend Neumann Design Build
Hudson, NY